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Friday 7:00 PM — Servicio en Español
PJ White

Saturday 7:00 PM
Matthew Tuttle

Sunday 10:30 AM
Johnny Godair

Sunday 7:00 PM
Myles Young

Monday 1:30 PM
Tony Spell

Monday 7:00 PM
Ari Prado

Tuesday 1:30 PM
Nathaniel Urshan

Tuesday 7:00 PM
Charles Robinette

All services will be interpreted into Español and American Sign Language.

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Monday 10:30 AM

Ministers 1:
Caleb Adams

Ministers Wives 1:
Christy Adams

Monday 11:30 AM

Ministers 2:
Ron Garrett

Ministers Wives 2:
Jaimee Prado

Tuesday 10:30 AM

Ministers 1:
Timothy Lackey

Ministers Wives 1:
Shanda Lackey

Tuesday 11:30 AM

Ministers 2:
Jonathan Alvear

Ministers Wives 2:
Kathy Sorah

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Complimentary meals will be served for all ministry and their families after each evening service,
the Sunday morning service, and the 11:30AM ministry sessions.

There will be complimentary meals for all laity available at Golden Corral after the day services on Monday and Tuesday.