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We are excited to invite you to join us for the 68th Arkansas Campmeeting. Through the years, ARCM has grown from a regional meeting to a national meeting, and now, to an international meeting. We are both humbled and honored to host an Apostolic meeting that brings together Oneness Pentecostal brothers and sisters from around the world. It was suggested by Reverend Larry Booker to add the word “international” to our name. Realizing that Pentecostals are traveling from Australia, India, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to join us for Campmeeting, we felt it was the right time to add it—Arkansas International Campmeeting. The purpose of ARICM is the same today as it was when held under an open-air tabernacle with coal-oil lanterns: to promote Truth! Our world needs to hear the Acts 2:38 message proclaimed boldly in this hour. Each of our speakers comes with a mandate to preach/speak plainly from the Word of God. Whether you come from the American South or seven time zones away, let’s all come together as one body to worship and exalt the Name of Jesus Christ!
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Pastor Joel Holmes & Pastor Nathan Holmes

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Can’t attend Arkansas International Campmeeting? We will be live streaming during the entire conference. Please join us!

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